The California DREAM Act Referendum

On early October of last year, California’s governor Jerry Brown signed a couple of bills known as the California DREAM Act into law. One half of the bills allows undocumented students be eligible for private scholarships which takes effect January 2012, the other half allows them to receive state grants starting January 2013. Even though, many undocumented students celebrated this event, some people were not happy with the decision of governor Brown. Within a few days, opponents started gathering signatures in an attempt to make a referendum appear on the November 2012 ballot. It is important to keep in mind that this bill will not give citizenship to undocumented students, and only receive state financial aid, not federal. Only students who have been living in California before the age of 16 and received a high school diploma will be eligible.

Earlier this month, Republican assemblyman Tim Donnelly announced that the measure failed due to a shortage on the necessary of signatures. Opponents were given 90 days in order to receive at least 500,000 signatures. I, myself witnessed a group of adults gathering signatures outside Stater Bros.

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Can you afford a lobbyist?

As I was walking to the bus stop this morning, I was wondering if I could ever afford a lobbyist.

So, with this question on my mind for the whole day, I decided to make some research as soon as I had internet access.

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