Celebrate Valetine’s Day by Supporting Equality!

Oh, Valentine’s day is here! The time of the year one should should show their love and affection to their lover, friends or family members. It seems that between the commercialism and heteronormativity of Valentine’s Day people tend to forget the real message behind this holiday; love and affection, the main significance of Valentine’s Day in the United States. In which many people show their affection to their other. What other day would be better than the day of love to support equality for everyone? I’m talking about people who can show their love to their significant other as long as is in a private place. People who are classified as second class citizens and are denied a marriage license because they don’t fit the norm. People who are denied many marriage benefits such as taxes, estate, and social security benefits. People whose state might allow them get married, but our federal government won’t recognize their affection and love. Yes, I am talking about the GLBT community. People who are constantly told that yes, it is okay to love a same-sex member as long as it is done in a private place so they won’t pervert our children.

As some straight couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by buying gifts, some same-sex couples around the United States mark this date as a day to protest for equality. Today, in approximately 20 locations across six states, same-sex couples will apply for a marriage license even though they know they will be denied.

Even though, the public opinion supporting same-sex marriage is growing, inequality stills persists in our society. The most recent Pew Research poll shows that 45% of the people surveyed support same-sex marriage, with a 46% of the people against it. The article mentions that this is the first time in 15 years that shows the public evenly divided in a social issue. The article also mentions “Just two years earlier, in 2009, a clear majority (54%) opposed gay marriage while just 37% favored it.” In 1996, 65% opposed same-sex marriage and only 27% supporting it

The evenly distribution of the public is clearly demonstrated in California. California’s proposition 8 was passed in 2008 with 52% of the voters supporting the ban on same-sex marriage. This decision shocked many activist, since California is considered to be a blue state and liberal. One of the major reasons why the proposition passed, is because of the involvement of some religious organizations and a campaign saying that is it was not passed, gay marriage will be taught in public elementary schools. If elementary schools student do not learn about straight marriage, why would they learn about same-sex marriage? Just something to think about. Recently, the Court of Appeals of the 9th district overturned this proposition stating that it is unconstitutional. The case might be heading towards the Supreme Court.

Even though some people might be completely against marriage, it does provide many benefits at the federal level, which is why many activists want equality for everyone. The GBLT community is not making a big deal about marriage because they feel like it, as many people think, there are actually many legitimate reasons to fight for equality. For a complete list of federal granted benefits click here(Aprox. 1049 benefits). An example of a benefit would be hospital visits. As someone from the first article mentions “”It’s very frustrating. Even little things like, I was sick a couple of months ago and I was thinking: “‘Well what if I have to go to the hospital, she can’t come and see me.’ Legally we are strangers,””

Perhaps, you should take a small time of this special day to many lovers and show your support for same-sex marriage. Big changes are going to happen in the United States regarding this issue, it might be for equality or it might be for discrimination. It is time for people to accept diversity and make a change, to recognize the discrimination of certain groups, and to start practicing the American value of equality. Is it same-sex marriage the issue that is perverting our children, or our legalized discrimination?



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