Women’s rights; wait, what, they have rights?

Recently, February 16th to be exact the Oklahoma Senate passed the Personhood Act, which would ban all abortions if the House and governor approve the bill. Just some heads up this post is completely  biased. I mean, it’s full of my opinion like no other post so far. Please also keep in mind I am talking about abortions during the first trimester.

The bill defines life beginning at conception, this means that all abortions no matter the reason behind the act would be banned since it would be consider ending a life. These “Personhood” bills are quickly obtaining attention from all across the U.S, and some states might be drafting similar bills. Virginia is another state that might pass a similar “Personhood” act. The article also mentions that “This is the bill that would ban birth control like the Plan B pill and fertility treatments that it says would kill a child. It would also outlaw abortion in all cases, including rape or incest.” The bill is being pushed by Republicans (No surprise), many critics say that Republicans are strongly pushing these type of bills just to “defeat” Obama on the abortion issue.

Recently, I have witnessed many pro-life posts by my friends on a social network, I was intrigued on why posts like this are quickly spreading, as I did some research on some popular news websites I found out why; Abortion has been a big issue lately. Of course, the pro-life pictures are extremely dramatized showing bloody images with a completely developed baby. Even though I was raised in a very conservative community, I was also raised a Catholic, attending Saturday school every week and mass the following day, and I am a male, I believe that women should have the freedom to make a decision when it comes to abortion. Of course, I’m not saying that it entirely depends on the woman, I think that a women and her partner should have the last say in their decision when it comes to abortion because it does takes two to tango, right? To be a little bit more clearly; the government should not mandate a woman’s personal decision, after all the government is not having a baby.

But abortion is killing a baby! if you have an abortion you are a murderer! Let’s take a look why abortion is not murder. “In the case of a fetus, there simply is no brain present during the first few weeks of pregnancy, and consequently no personhood. It takes many weeks for individual cells to become transformed into neurons, for these neurons to grow and reach out to connect with other neurons, for synapses to form, and for the central nervous system to develop.”  [Link] Late term abortions is a completely different topic.

However, is banning abortion really going to stop abortions? Let’s take a look at the Alcohol Prohibition for an answer. During the early 1900’s Alcohol Prohibition, alcohol was still consumed, just in illegal ways. This also happens with drugs, even though they are banned, people still consumed them. However, this is a totally different topic. The main point I am trying to show is that banning abortion is just going to push females to go to illegal abortion sites. Such sites are dangerous and often result in terrible infections ending with the death of the female. Another possible consequence of banning abortion could be abortions made at home, which does not makes them less dangerous than having an abortion at an illegal site.

What about putting the baby up for adoption? of course! how many kids are you going to adopt again? Not letting a woman choose to have an abortion is limiting her rights. In a country where freedom is one of the major values, why should we restrict a woman’s freedom? Pro-choice is not a synonym for pro-abortion. It is giving freedom to women to make their own choice.


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