Wearing a Hoodie Should be Banned!

On February, 26 of the year 2012 Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old African American boy was shot causing his death. As the video from Fox News mentions, Trayvon was wearing a hoodie, which is a sweater with a hood. Perhaps, Trayvon was cold since it was raining that day.

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Raising a Baby Without a Gender

This is something serious, and very risky, according to Dr. Koplewicz, a psychicatrist from a Huffington Post blog. The article refers to a Canadian couple who decided to raise their third child, Storm, without a gender. I will refer to the child as the Baby, instead of “it” just how Dr. Koplewicz referred to the Baby.

Sex and gender are not synonyms. Sex is usually defined by the genitals of the person. However, gender is something that we are taught. Gender is usually, broadly speaking, referred to as masculine or feminine. Of course, males are suppose to be masculine and females, feminine. What happens when a male is feminine? or vice versa? he is suddenly the point of attention, the cause of the end of the world, an abomination. However, why do we have such rigid gender roles? are they beneficial at all?

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Transportation: What are my choices?

I’ve been using public transportation since I started college during the fall of 2010. I have always been proud of not relying on a car, and the expensive gas like most people. Whenever I see posters or commercials about being “green” I always chuckle and think that I can’t possibly be more”green”. My family recycles, I use public transportation and we always try to buy environmentally friendly products. However, when I was on the buy about a week ago I noticed a series of posters about “busology” which are comics about the proper etiquette to have while riding the bus. Then, I noticed a small icon, it said “CNG”, as I started recalling what it stands for the documentary “Gasland” shown in class came to my thoughts. Of course! CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas, which what fuels the public buses in many cities of the United States in an attempt to be “green”.

I really don’t know if the public bus transportation knows how they obtain the compressed gas, but I will say they do. What I am referring to is hydraulic fracturing.

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