Transportation: What are my choices?

I’ve been using public transportation since I started college during the fall of 2010. I have always been proud of not relying on a car, and the expensive gas like most people. Whenever I see posters or commercials about being “green” I always chuckle and think that I can’t possibly be more”green”. My family recycles, I use public transportation and we always try to buy environmentally friendly products. However, when I was on the buy about a week ago I noticed a series of posters about “busology” which are comics about the proper etiquette to have while riding the bus. Then, I noticed a small icon, it said “CNG”, as I started recalling what it stands for the documentary “Gasland” shown in class came to my thoughts. Of course! CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas, which what fuels the public buses in many cities of the United States in an attempt to be “green”.

I really don’t know if the public bus transportation knows how they obtain the compressed gas, but I will say they do. What I am referring to is hydraulic fracturing.

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking is a somewhat new method use by corporations to extract natural gas, a natural resource. The following video explains the process of fracking.

It is clear that fracking is a treat to the environment, however mining companies keep saying that is safe. In the documentary “Gasland” which a section was shown in class, it shows the serious consequences of fracking, such as creating flammable water.Drinking this water causes hair loss in animal who drink it. It is unimaginable the consequences that could cause if humans start drinking this flammable water.

It is extremely frustrating finding that public transportation is using compressed gas, probably obtained from fracking, however is this really a coincidence? with the recently known controversy of Obama supporting fracking, it is hard to believe it is just a coincidence. He did even called the United States the “the Saudi Arabia of natural gas”.

This takes me back to my original questions, what are my choices when it comes to my transportation? Should I rely on gas prices and create multiple green house effect gases among with most Americans, or should I keep using public transportation when I know the effects of fracking to the environment? I guess I should start considering buying a bike. It concerns me knowing that most of our activities are being taken over by some corporation in any form. Who would of thought public transportation might have such a nasty background? but do they have a choice? perhaps they only get funded by using compressed gas. Natural gas is considered not a renewable resource since it takes approximately 50 million years in order to form. Hooray, another resource we are probably going to use until we waste every amount of it.


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