Raising a Baby Without a Gender

This is something serious, and very risky, according to Dr. Koplewicz, a psychicatrist from a Huffington Post blog. The article refers to a Canadian couple who decided to raise their third child, Storm, without a gender. I will refer to the child as the Baby, instead of “it” just how Dr. Koplewicz referred to the Baby.

Sex and gender are not synonyms. Sex is usually defined by the genitals of the person. However, gender is something that we are taught. Gender is usually, broadly speaking, referred to as masculine or feminine. Of course, males are suppose to be masculine and females, feminine. What happens when a male is feminine? or vice versa? he is suddenly the point of attention, the cause of the end of the world, an abomination. However, why do we have such rigid gender roles? are they beneficial at all?

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a discussion panel about pro-feminism. It was really eye-opening, specially the discussion by philosophy professor, Dr. King. She talked about how everything could have started when early cavemen would hunt, while their partners would stay at their home. She mentions that it would of been hard for women back then to go hunt, since they could have been pregnant, or taking care of their children since the place could be dangerous. However, with our current overpopulation problem, and with many birth control alternatives women do not need to stay home anymore, and they are not. However, they face many challenges such as the ceiling-glass effect in which a women gets “stuck” in a job position without being able to be promoted.

After seeing many consequences because of our rigid roles, Dr. King mentions that she hopes there is another feminist move soon, aiming to decrease, or possible end our rigid gender roles. I have to completely agree. She also mentioned a great example which was the most eye-opening of the night, she mentions that we have such rigid gender roles, that people that do not “fit” them, think they have something wrong, or that they are in the wrong body and end up having surgery.

I believe that raising  a child without a gender is only risky because of the bigotry of society. If we did not believed that men must be masculine, and females have to be feminine, The baby Storm would not have been on the front page of Yahoo news a couple of months ago.

Dr. Koplewicz, from the article mentions that “Gender is a part of who we are, even if we hope that it wouldn’t matter as much as it often does. Pretending it doesn’t exist isn’t a good message to send to a child-or an infant. It magnifies, rather than reducing, its importance. And charging young children with keeping family secrets can be seriously unhealthy.” The article is pretty much how the way the parents are raising Storm is “antithetical” and “risky”. I think it is a great way to let the child be who they want to be, without someone telling Storm that the color pink is only for girls, or that super heroes are only for boys. I also think that it is a great message to society, and to  really wonder why was this such a big controversy? why do we must have gender roles that have many negative consequences?


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