Legalize Drugs? Not a Solution

Lately, the social movement to legalized drugs, specially marijuana has been growing. Many arguments are used in order to support the legalization of marijuana, one of them is that it will end the “War on Drugs”, it will decrease the use of marijuana(Just as how Portugal and other countries ‘supposedly’ show). There has been an increase on liberal media for the support of the legalization of marijuana, not to mention news articles on many websites.

I believe that the legalization of marijuana will occur in the future, and perhaps within the next 5 years. I do agree that many states have irrational legal punishments for people caught in possession of marijuana, however I do not agree that legalizing drugs, even marijuana is going to decrease the use nor end the ‘War on Drugs’.

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1 Million per Bullet

A freeway chase which ended in a tragic shooting of a teen has caused a lot of controversy. People, specially Adbul Arian’s family are accusing the Los Angeles Police Department of using excessive force. The news article can be found by clicking here.

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Update on Treyvon Martin

A lot has occurred since my last post about Trayvon Martin, a teenager who got shot by George Zimmerman. Just so we are clear, Mr. Zimmerman stills free, into hiding of course since he has received some threats. However, the point I am trying to make is that he is not arrested. Lately, a video has surfaced that can create more turmoil in this controversy, a video that shows Mr. Zimmerman without any blood, or any signs of being attacked after he shot Treyvon. The video is from CNN News. The video has caused many controversies, specially because it might show that Zimmerman might have lied that night.

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The Straight Privilage

Recently, I reviewed the article “The White Privilege” by Peggy McIntosh which is an article featuring a list of all the “privileges” White people unconsciously have. For the article click here. Being a curious young adult I decided to look for more information about the article, however I was distracted by another article that was inspired by McIntosh’s article, the title of the article was “The Straight Privilege”. The article is very similar to McIntosh’s article, it features a list of “privileges” straight people unconsciously have. The list goes from TV characters, bed time stories to having to explain why people are straight. The article can be found here.

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