The Straight Privilage

Recently, I reviewed the article “The White Privilege” by Peggy McIntosh which is an article featuring a list of all the “privileges” White people unconsciously have. For the article click here. Being a curious young adult I decided to look for more information about the article, however I was distracted by another article that was inspired by McIntosh’s article, the title of the article was “The Straight Privilege”. The article is very similar to McIntosh’s article, it features a list of “privileges” straight people unconsciously have. The list goes from TV characters, bed time stories to having to explain why people are straight. The article can be found here.

However, there is something that completely caught my attention, and it wasn’t even from the article itself, it was a comment. The comment from the user “cake”, is “They shouldn’t give up on finding the cure for homosexuality”. Whether this person is just trying to create conflict or not, some people still think this way, and some people even have a fear of homosexuals. Which is extremely interesting in my opinion, taking into account that homosexuality occurs in over 500 species, and those animals are not stigmatized by the rest. This is just another explanation for racism and discrimination, because both are taught, humans are not born with these prejudices and automatically being racist. It is the same thing for homophobia, it is taught, not born with.

One of the quotes from the list that got my attention was “As a child it is assumed that I will grow up to be heterosexual (Homosexuals must “become” gay and “come out of the closet”)”. Which is true, most people assume that everyone is going to be heterosexual, so when someone gay figures this out, they think that something is wrong with them, and somehow it must be fixed. This might be one of the reasons why some glbt community members are depressed, and sometimes commit suicide, because they think that something is “wrong” with them.

” My heterosexuality is not an aspect of my life, or a lifestyle, just a fact about myself.” this is another quote that I find out interesting. Some of the opponents of homosexuality argue that it is a choice, a chosen lifestyle, however when did heterosexuals choose to their lifestyle? Most people fail to make this connection.

This quote is probably the one most people can understand ” I will never have my heterosexuality used for a reason not to feel comfortable living with me, being on an athletic team, or being assigned to the same group project for a class assignment.” which is somewhat relating to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

” I am not accused of being abused, warped or psychologically confused because of my sexual orientation; and thus a potential danger to others.”  I can personally relate to this because my family would always say that gay people are often abused or just confused.

Even though straight people do not often think of this list as “privileges” because it’s not something they openly choose, members of the glbt community are still being discriminated and treated differently because of their sexual orientation, when perhaps they didn’t choose it either.


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