Update on Treyvon Martin

A lot has occurred since my last post about Trayvon Martin, a teenager who got shot by George Zimmerman. Just so we are clear, Mr. Zimmerman stills free, into hiding of course since he has received some threats. However, the point I am trying to make is that he is not arrested. Lately, a video has surfaced that can create more turmoil in this controversy, a video that shows Mr. Zimmerman without any blood, or any signs of being attacked after he shot Treyvon. The video is from CNN News. The video has caused many controversies, specially because it might show that Zimmerman might have lied that night.

Now, let’s go back in time shall we? The reason he was not arrested is because he claimed he shot Treyvon in self-defense. According to Zimmerman, Treyvon attacked him, broke his nose and even banged his head against the concrete. If you watched the video, you cannot see a sign of a drop of blood. I watched the video at least three times just to analyze it.

When you see Zimmerman getting out of the police car, you cannot see blood on his shirt, even though he had a “broken nose”. If you have ever hurt your nose, even by a ball as a kid you know that it bleeds like if it was the end of its existence, so imagine if it was a broken nose how much it would bleed. Also, when Zimmerman turns around you get a full shot of the back of his head. According to Zimmerman, Treyvon had banged his head against the concrete, in that case I bet you could at least see a sign of bruising, perhaps some blood since concrete is pretty solid.

What it is surprising to me, and many other people is that Zimmerman stills free, no arrest warrant. The video shows Zimmerman in excellent health, no signs of being attacked, if this video is not enough I really do not know what America might be thinking. Might as well legalize discrimination and hate crimes.


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