Legalize Drugs? Not a Solution

Lately, the social movement to legalized drugs, specially marijuana has been growing. Many arguments are used in order to support the legalization of marijuana, one of them is that it will end the “War on Drugs”, it will decrease the use of marijuana(Just as how Portugal and other countries ‘supposedly’ show). There has been an increase on liberal media for the support of the legalization of marijuana, not to mention news articles on many websites.

I believe that the legalization of marijuana will occur in the future, and perhaps within the next 5 years. I do agree that many states have irrational legal punishments for people caught in possession of marijuana, however I do not agree that legalizing drugs, even marijuana is going to decrease the use nor end the ‘War on Drugs’.

Let’s suppose marijuana becomes legal, and the state is able to tax it and regulate it. This, will create costs. The state will need people to supervise the process of marijuana from the store to the customer, to make sure no minors are buying it; just as how the state regulates alcohol. Also, legalizing marijuana is not going to end the war on drugs. What most people fail to see is that if marijuana is legalized, people are not going to stop selling illicit drugs. Yes, marijuana becomes legal, but then they are just going to stop selling marijuana and start selling other drugs. This is how it works, if something becomes legal people just start selling something that is illegal, therefore this is not a direct solution.

The use of marijuana is not going to decrease. During the past decades, the potency of the drugs has increased when people are manufacturing, making it even more of a “gateway drug” and increasing the addiction. This article explains it. “More adults are now admitted to treatment centers for primary marijuana and hashish addictions than for primary addictions to heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine, according to the latest government data, a 2007 report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration”.

Another of the main arguments that somewhat annoys me is that alcohol hurts more people than marijuana. I really don’t like how people compare the two, and just because alcohol is more dangerous, marijuana should be legalized. Why is this the only option? why don’t they argue that alcohol should be illegal alongside with marijuana? In my opinion, this is a very weak argument.

On the other side, many of the arguments against the legalization have their flaws too. For example, just because it is a “gateway” does not mean everyone that uses marijuana will become a heroin, cocaine, or morphine addict. Also, legalizing would decrease the populations in the United States jails since in some states having marijuana is a felony.

Like most social issues, both sides have really good arguments. However, I will stand on my ground and say that legalizing marijuana or any other drugs is not the solution. Yes, some laws are too strict and should be reformed but not completely legalized. That is not a long-term solution, it will just alleviate the pressure.


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