Religion in schools.

Recently, I read an interview from asking Bill Nye, the science guy his opinions about a poll. The poll consists of 926 high school biology teachers. The website mentions that “only 28 percent of teachers taught evolution as a well-supported fundamental idea of science. Meanwhile, 13 percent openly supported “intelligent design” in the classroom, and 60 percent fell somewhere in-between”. The article also mentions that the teachers on that 60%, teach evolution with “caution” by including nonscientific views, only talking about genetics or saying the students only need to learn evolution to pass the exams. The article focuses on the responses of Bill Nye, currently the executive director of the Planetary Society.




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The “S” Word

I really wonder why every time people hear the world “socialism” is like if someone is saying there is a bomb in the bathroom. What I find interesting as well, is when someone says that they like socialism or that they are a socialist people automatically view them as some sort of anarchist, spy or someone attempting to overthrow the American government. It seems like the “fear of communism” from the Cold War stayed intact in most of American’s mind. I wouldn’t personally blame them, after all that is what most major corporations what the public to think about socialism. But is socialism really that evil? if not, then why do major corporations want America to stay as far away as possible from any socialistic reforms?



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