The “S” Word

I really wonder why every time people hear the world “socialism” is like if someone is saying there is a bomb in the bathroom. What I find interesting as well, is when someone says that they like socialism or that they are a socialist people automatically view them as some sort of anarchist, spy or someone attempting to overthrow the American government. It seems like the “fear of communism” from the Cold War stayed intact in most of American’s mind. I wouldn’t personally blame them, after all that is what most major corporations what the public to think about socialism. But is socialism really that evil? if not, then why do major corporations want America to stay as far away as possible from any socialistic reforms?



First, it is important to define socialism. According to the dictionary Merriam-Webster, socialism is “any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods” Right after this definition, this follows, a system of society or group living in which there is no private property”. That already sounds scary, “no private property”, especially in a society so materialistic as the United States. However, socialism is not bad, and of course this is my opinion. I can say, with confidence that there is no country without some form of socialism in their form of government. Even the United States have socialism in their economy, yes shocking. Public schools, public parks, firefighter stations, police services, any social services pretty much is some sort of socialism or anything with the word “public” in front of it.

In summary, I was able to find a list comparing economy and socialism. It is a completely biased list but it makes the intended point; capitalism isn’t working.

(Edit: Open the picture in a new tab, for some reason wordpress is not liking the picture. Probably because it’s about socialism, just paying).

The most socialistic country I can think of is Cuba. Even though it is mostly communism in a way. However, I believe that democratic socialism is the best form of government. Offering social services to its citizens and the citizens being able to represent their representatives.

It really is worth looking at the background of socialism and the benefits. It seems that most people between the ages of 18-29 have a better opinion about socialism.

I have to be honest, that video made me happy. I hope that in the future, this current young generation really makes changes to benefit people, not corporations.


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