No education if pregnant.

Early this month, I read an article from reporting a school in Louisiana in which no pregnant students are allowed. According to the article, Delhi Charter School in Delhi, Louisiana requires students to take a pregnancy test if they look like if they could be pregnant. If the teens are pregnant they are not allowed to stay in that school. If someone refuses to take the test, the school then assumes the teen in pregnant.


The article mentions that this drastic policy is the way the school is dealing with the high rates of teen pregnancy in Louisiana. Besides the fact that this policy is illegal and probably unconstitutional, I also believe that it is extremely bigoted and will create other social problems. Pregnant teens are having a hard time already, with their family, their partner, with themselves, society and are very likely to drop out of high school. Somehow, Delhi Charter School decided to make their life more complicated and force them to take a pregnancy test, exposing them in front of their peers and the school’s staff in order to deal with the state’s high rates of teen pregnancy. I ‘m going to guess and say that the main goal of this policy is to humiliate these teens and hope for the rest to not get pregnant. I’m not sure if the board of this school knows but educating teens about sex and contraceptives is more effective and less harming than humiliation.

What really confuses me is that the girl is the only one getting this sort of “punishment”. Last time I checked an egg needs a sperm to be fertilized. It really frustrated me how society automatically blames the female when they have an unintended pregnancy. For example, when it comes to birth control, more specifically pills, it is expected for females to have the burden to remember each day to take a pill, while the males are just.. relaxing. Yes, there are condoms but like any other contraceptive, condoms are not 100% reliable.

I’m waiting for more updates on this school, I really hope it gets sued, and that it tells the rest of the school district to not even think about  adopting a similar policy. I believe that teens are going to sexually experiment no matter what society tells them, so the only thing left is to educate them about safe sex, contraceptives, and in case of an unintended pregnancy the options that are available. Ignorance is not bliss in this case.


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