“The Infant”, a gender neutral child.

A couple recently reveled the sex of their gender-neutral child since it was required for the child to start elementary school. The article comes from the Telegraph and can be found here.



The couple revealed that the child is a boy. The article mentions that his parents decided to raise him as a gender-neutral child to avoid stereotypes and prejudices from society. the article describes that Sasha, would alternate between boy and girl related clothes “leaving friends, playmates and relatives guessing”.

The mother describes herself as a “loony” woman as a result of being ostracized by other parents, but she feels that it was worth it. The article also mentions that the mother thinks stereotypes are stupid, just like horoscopes. “It’s like horoscopes: what could be stupider than thinking there are 12 types of personality that depend on when you were born? It’s so idiotic”.

At the end of the article, Dr Daragh McDermott, a psychology lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University shares his opinion. “It’s hard to say whether being raised gender-neutral will have any immediate or long-term psychological consequences for a child, purely because to date there is little empirical research examining this topic.” He also mentions that home is only one place where people get their information about gender. As we grow older, school, media and socialization also play major roles in our gender identity and stereotypes.

Personally, I would love to raise my child being gender-neutral if no severe psychological damage is found in the future to these kids. Unfortunately, I entirely believe that society is not ready yet to accept this progress against gender stereotypes. For example, in yesterday’s GSA club meeting we discussed gender and stereotypes, and this case came up in the discussion. I can positively say that about 90% of the people in the meeting had some negative opinion about gender-neutrality. A girl even said that these kids even commit suicide in the future, without much evidence.


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