Mead on Nuclear Families

Margaret mead, a very recognized anthropologist for her works on gender roles across cultures, is also considered an expert when it comes to families.

In an exclusive interview from 1963, Mead is asked a series of questions relating to the nuclear family in the United States and how is it changing. Margaret Mead’s insight in the subject is remarkable, and it is worth looking at it in order to have a better understanding about the demographics of the current family structure of the United States.

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Which bathroom to use?

During a GSA meeting at Chaffey college the topic of which bathroom should transsexual people use came up. If a male-to-female transsexual decides to use the bathroom, which one should she use? the male one or the female one?

At least transsexual students at the University of Victoria in Canada can relax now about this question, since the university created a gender-neutral bathroom, specially aimed at transsexual  individuals.

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Is banning female genital mutilation enough?

Female genital mutilation is banned in Somalia after enacting a new constitution. An article from the UK’s online website The Guardian describes that many activists welcome the new measure. However, some of them think this is not enough, specially when approximately 96% of women in Somalia undergo extremes forms of female genital mutilation.


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