Which bathroom to use?

During a GSA meeting at Chaffey college the topic of which bathroom should transsexual people use came up. If a male-to-female transsexual decides to use the bathroom, which one should she use? the male one or the female one?

At least transsexual students at the University of Victoria in Canada can relax now about this question, since the university created a gender-neutral bathroom, specially aimed at transsexual  individuals.

The usual debate is whether transsexuals should be allowed to be use the bathroom of the gender they identify with and under what circumstances. Some people say only if they went through surgery and hormonal treatment, however not everyone can afford the surgery. Some informal sources from people I know say that the cost of the surgery can be of about $30,000, not something everyone has in their bank account. Some people said to have a different bathroom, which is what this university ultimately did, regardless of the cost and perhaps the future criticism that will receive. Some people might argue that this is segregating them, which in a sense it is, however I think it’s the best choice.

“’Many students on campus don’t identify as being either male or female — or they have received harassment and discrimination for not appearing to be of the gender of the washroom that they’re in,’ said Emily Rogers, chairwoman of the UVic student society.’”

It is important to note that this does not bans transsexual people from using the other bathrooms, it is simply an attempt to help them feel comfortable.


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