Are women really more religious?

Since I was a small boy, attending Catholic Saturday school each week followed the next day with the Sunday mass, I was aware that there was more women than men in church. However, as a boy I didn’t care, in fact I really enjoyed going to Saturday school, probably because I always find learning somehting new really interesting.

 During the textbook reading the author discusses how women attended church more frequently than men, however a recent article (Are women leaving religion?) from Discovery News suggests that women are leaving religion.

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Young Activist

Malala is a 14-year old young activist in Pakistan. She supports education for girls and often encouraged them to go to school with their books hidden in their clothes. Malala also exposed the treatment on her town by the militant movement knows as the Pakistani Taliban. The Taliban would often held their own “courts” and execute people, close and burn school that allowed women to attend. Sadly, today, Malala is in a critical condition in a hospital.

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