Are women really more religious?

Since I was a small boy, attending Catholic Saturday school each week followed the next day with the Sunday mass, I was aware that there was more women than men in church. However, as a boy I didn’t care, in fact I really enjoyed going to Saturday school, probably because I always find learning somehting new really interesting.

 During the textbook reading the author discusses how women attended church more frequently than men, however a recent article (Are women leaving religion?) from Discovery News suggests that women are leaving religion.

The article is a summary of an other article from The Washington Post, The Resignation of Eve by Jim Henderson. The article suggests that unless the Republican party “loosen their stranglehold” on women and their liberties, they will leave the political party as they are leaving church.

According to the article “Henderson cites the Barna Research Group in his book in reporting that the number of women who attend church on a weekly basis dropped 20 percent between 1991 and 2011.” This is a huge drop in the number of attendence in church.

The article does not really explains the reasons behind women leaving church, but one interview of a women who attended church for 22 years left because “…of working through a painful, controlling church culture”.

Personally, I think that it was about time for women to finally realize how religion is controling of their freedoms and their rights. For example, the Catholic church prohibits the use of any form of birth control. As a result, my Catholic maternal grandma had 3 daughters and 6 sons, despite the fact that she had many complications with her pregnancies.

I agree with the author, unless the church of many religions loosen up their restrictions on women, women will leave the religion just as it is happening right now. I left the Catholic religion because I was able to see their restrictions and their intolerance on many issues, and I’m a men, and I definately encourage other men to analyze their religion for the liberties of his mother.


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