Contraception a “Universal Civil Right”

With the recent issues about contraception and the funding of abortion, the United Nations makes clear their stance on the issue. This is the first time the United Nations have made a clear statement about contraception. It seems that this topic should be something that was discussed and resolved during the 1960’s feminist movement; however, in 2012 contraception stills a hot topic.

The report from the United Nations is as follows:

“Family planning has a positive multiplier effect on development,” Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, executive director of the fund, said in a written statement. “Not only does the ability for a couple to choose when and how many children to have help lift nations out of poverty, but it is also one of the most effective means of empowering women. Women who use contraception are generally healthier, better educated, more empowered in their households and communities and more economically productive. Women’s increased labor-force participation boosts nations’ economies.”

The report effectively declares that legal, cultural and financial barriers to accessing contraception and other family planning measures are an infringement of women’s rights.

 The UN joins the fight for affordable birth control and against measures to control the use of contraception. The UN effectively describes that the access of birth control does not only benefits women, but it can also help a society lift from poverty.

The UN mentions that any legal, cultural and financial attempt to control women from getting birth control is “an infringement of women’s rights”. It will be interesting how the church responds, since it can be considered a cultural institution. Also, people who are supporting the de-funding of foundations such as Planned Parenthood.

The support from the UN is definitely beneficial to the fight of affordable and accessible birth control, perhaps this issue will finally be resolves and be on favor of women and human rights.


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