The Art of Pain

I have never been interested in getting a tattoo. For some reason, the idea of sitting still for a long period of time while being injected ink with hundreds of tiny needles punctuating my skin is not appealing. There is no doubt however that tattoos are quite popular, I can guarantee that everyone knows at least someone with a tattoo. Kimmel argues that it is estimated that 15% of all Americans have at least a tattoo, I believe that this number has greatly increased during the past years.

Tattoos are also not a “new” trend, according to an article from the San Diego Magazine “The earliest tattoos found are more than 5,000 years old. In 1991, a 5,300-year-old mummy was discovered in the Alps. He had more than 50 tattoos on various parts of his body, and he is the oldest human ever found to have tattoos”.

But, why do people get tattoos?

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Contraception a “Universal Civil Right”

With the recent issues about contraception and the funding of abortion, the United Nations makes clear their stance on the issue. This is the first time the United Nations have made a clear statement about contraception. It seems that this topic should be something that was discussed and resolved during the 1960’s feminist movement; however, in 2012 contraception stills a hot topic.

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Are women really more religious?

Since I was a small boy, attending Catholic Saturday school each week followed the next day with the Sunday mass, I was aware that there was more women than men in church. However, as a boy I didn’t care, in fact I really enjoyed going to Saturday school, probably because I always find learning somehting new really interesting.

 During the textbook reading the author discusses how women attended church more frequently than men, however a recent article (Are women leaving religion?) from Discovery News suggests that women are leaving religion.

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Young Activist

Malala is a 14-year old young activist in Pakistan. She supports education for girls and often encouraged them to go to school with their books hidden in their clothes. Malala also exposed the treatment on her town by the militant movement knows as the Pakistani Taliban. The Taliban would often held their own “courts” and execute people, close and burn school that allowed women to attend. Sadly, today, Malala is in a critical condition in a hospital.

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Mead on Nuclear Families

Margaret mead, a very recognized anthropologist for her works on gender roles across cultures, is also considered an expert when it comes to families.

In an exclusive interview from 1963, Mead is asked a series of questions relating to the nuclear family in the United States and how is it changing. Margaret Mead’s insight in the subject is remarkable, and it is worth looking at it in order to have a better understanding about the demographics of the current family structure of the United States.

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Which bathroom to use?

During a GSA meeting at Chaffey college the topic of which bathroom should transsexual people use came up. If a male-to-female transsexual decides to use the bathroom, which one should she use? the male one or the female one?

At least transsexual students at the University of Victoria in Canada can relax now about this question, since the university created a gender-neutral bathroom, specially aimed at transsexual  individuals.

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Is banning female genital mutilation enough?

Female genital mutilation is banned in Somalia after enacting a new constitution. An article from the UK’s online website The Guardian describes that many activists welcome the new measure. However, some of them think this is not enough, specially when approximately 96% of women in Somalia undergo extremes forms of female genital mutilation.


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“The Infant”, a gender neutral child.

A couple recently reveled the sex of their gender-neutral child since it was required for the child to start elementary school. The article comes from the Telegraph and can be found here.



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No education if pregnant.

Early this month, I read an article from reporting a school in Louisiana in which no pregnant students are allowed. According to the article, Delhi Charter School in Delhi, Louisiana requires students to take a pregnancy test if they look like if they could be pregnant. If the teens are pregnant they are not allowed to stay in that school. If someone refuses to take the test, the school then assumes the teen in pregnant.


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Religion in schools.

Recently, I read an interview from asking Bill Nye, the science guy his opinions about a poll. The poll consists of 926 high school biology teachers. The website mentions that “only 28 percent of teachers taught evolution as a well-supported fundamental idea of science. Meanwhile, 13 percent openly supported “intelligent design” in the classroom, and 60 percent fell somewhere in-between”. The article also mentions that the teachers on that 60%, teach evolution with “caution” by including nonscientific views, only talking about genetics or saying the students only need to learn evolution to pass the exams. The article focuses on the responses of Bill Nye, currently the executive director of the Planetary Society.




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